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Remake Music Video

Stockholm Syndrome - the deadly Cupid bringing tragedy to those who are blinded by love. Our fearful terrorist Quan just catches a glimpse of Jess / a fallen angel.


"Don't act like a victim."

The short film is a remake of a music video performed by Vaundy. Touched by the romantic lyrics of the song, our director Thinh Ma comes up with the idea of Quan - a kidnapper who decides to run away with his hostage.

In Odoriko, it is the parallel of two different stories. While Quan loses track of his time by falling in love with Jess, the cops are planning to rescue her. Every minute the couple together means that the closer the cops are to split them out.



Love is the most beautiful that we can chase - but nobody knows if it is actually the happy ending waiting for them. Quan wants to steal the apple of his eye and leaves the world behind, hoping to end up like a victorious villain.

Yet, he is the only one to think that way / but it doesn't matter anymore when it comes to love.

"Spinning round' and round', my and that person's future
When it stops somewhere
Let's hope we can start all over again"



Run Beyond

"Stamping down my emotions
When the two of us were alone together"
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