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 This is a personal project of creating a short commercial for Headbeat - an audio brand that takes pride in its surrounding soundscape and noise cancellation.



The story is about Thinh who is an international student longing for a return to his own country. With the support of Headbeat, Thinh is able to travel back to Ho Chi Minh City and relives his wonderful memory. 

In Saigon, the hustling vibe just never stops and the city always waits for your step to wake up. With that vision, my director's treatment mainly focuses on creating a headphone that can bring your heartbeat in sync with the pacing of Sai Gon street life.


Featuring Thinh as Actor

Quyen - Producer

Khoa Ho Tang - Writer and Director

Thien Duong - Cinematographer and Editor

With the wonderful support from:

Co Thanh Thien

My Vinh


Kim Nguyen Xuyen

Hoang Vu



- Sony A73 and 24-70mm GM

- Sony 6400 and 18-105mm FE

- Sony 6300 and 35mm FE

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